“We are working to empower individuals and communities
by enabling reach for local resources„


Plenty of Things, Nearby

Gezbul is an application where users can share their possessions by giving them away for free or by selling them to other users that are locally searching for these items.

For example:

Sunday wall art project requires a power drill. John goes on to Gezbul and searches for a power drill. Steve has made his used but working power drill available for free a few days ago. Johns puts a request to take Steve's power drill. Steve gets a notification. Steve messages John to ask if he can come get it quick. John replies. When they both agree, Steve provides a location for the trade. John walks over to the corner coffee shop to take the power drill from Steve. John is happy, Steve is content. Transaction is complete.

We are working to empower individuals and communities by enabling reach for local resources.

We ask the question: How can we unravel the abundance that we have within our neighborhoods? All these idle resources, unwanted goods, available services should have a demand within the same community. To answer this question, we came up with Gezbul: an interactive space where locals can share their items/services with others.



Either send us a message via the form below or tweet us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you prefer a more open conversation tweet to @gezbul.



If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, contact us directly, we will get back to you in timely manner.


Are there any fees?
No, the application is free to download and use.

Location & Distances

I didn't allow the app to use my location services on install. Now I can't update my location preference. How can I fix it?
When you first open the app, if you don't allow the app determine your location, you cannot update your location preference. You resolve this issue by doing one of the followings.
Method #1: Uninstall and install the app.
Method #2: You can go to your phone settings and find Gezbul under Apps and change the location permission.

I don't want to give out my location, can I still use Gezbul App?
Unfortunately, no. You'll keep getting warning messages if you turn off your location services.

Why aren't the distances more precise?
For our users' security, we round the distance up to 1 mile/km, if they are within 1 mile/km radius.

Can I update my location manually?
Yes. Go to your settings and tap on the button that reads "Update my location".


How do I share my stuff on Gezbul App?
Open the Gezbul App, click on the very left + icon (Plus sign). Add a photo from your phone or take one, fill out the fields and voila... You're an official gezbuler.

I'm not sure I have anything to share, any recommendations?
We all have something to share. You can start by sharing books, clothes, salt, coffee, tap water etc. We believe, nothing is neither too small nor too big to share.

Are there any prohibited items or postings?
Yes, basically anything illegal is prohibited on Gezbul. Some examples of prohibited content are pets, firearms, drugs, erotic services, etc. Learn more on prohibited.

Can I post pets on Gezbul App?
No. Any live stock / pet posts will be deleted from Gezbul. Learn more on prohibited.

I own a retail shop, can I post my products?
Yes, definitely.

I need more categories, when are you going to add them?
We're working on it.

Can I use #hashtags in the post descriptions?
Search and categorization doesn't work with #hashtags. Simply add your keywords to your posts' descriptions with meaningful sentences.

Search & Navigation

Why do I see items only from one user?
That user might be the only closest user to you. We need more users to post on our app. Invite your friends or even strangers to use Gezbul App :)

I don't see any posts?
You can increase the seach limit up to 50 miles/KMs in your settings. Also, feel free to be the first one to post something in your area.

How do I search something?
Open the Gezbul App, click on the second icon from the left (Magnifying Glass). Type in what you you want to search.

Why do I see only 30 posts when I go to a users profile?
We only show the latest 30 posts from users. But you can see all your posts on your profile.


Why does messaging/chat work slow?
Because of many reasons, but we are working on an instant messaging system.

Review & Report

How can I report a post for spam, sensitive, abusive, or harmful content?
If you believe something posted is not supposed to be on Gezbul, please use the little flag on the top right to report it. We'll review it. If you already 'wanted' that post, you need to cancel your want request first, to report it.

How can I report a user?
If you believe a user is being abusive / are not honoring their word, please use the little flag on the top right of the users profile. We'll review it.

Can I review a user?
Not yet, we're working on it, you can tell them in the chat phase or you can drop us a line at support@gezbul.com. We'll review it.


You must be 18 years old to use Gezbul App & website.

Should I give my address to another user for an exchange?
No. We highly recommend you meet with that person in a public place to make the exchange.
Read more on personal safety.

Do you do background checks on users?
No, we do not. We are not going to.

Can I block a user?
Not yet, we're working on it.


How can I delete my account?
Please, send an email to support[at]gezbul.com from your account email. We'll be sad to let you go, but we'll delete your account permanently in a timely manner.

On Android, why does Gezbul App need permission to "Modify or delete the contents of your SD card. Read the contents of your SD Card"?
Gezbul App needs access to your smart phone's camera and your photo library to post. We do NOT use this permission to gain access to anything other than the photos you voluntarily submit through the app.

Web & Mobile

Will you have a web interface?
Not for now. Our system is designed only for smart phones.

Will you have an app for Windows Phone?
Yes, we're working on it.

Social Media

Why can't I login using social media accounts?
We'll add that option, soon.

Do you have a twitter account?
Yes, please follow us for updates and news @gezbul. Feel free to tweet about us.

Do you have a Google+ page?
Yes, please add us to your circles +Gezbul.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, like us at gezbulapp.



Give away, Sell or Lend your items and services.

Give away your things

Post your items, wait for requests, and give them away to people who will make use of them. Give away clothes, books, furniture, magazines, canned foods and more. Contribute to society while extending the life cycle of common items.

Sell items

Post your items, set your price, and collect your earnings. Think creative! Everyone needs odd stuff at odd times, like a bottle opener, a pump, towel, shovel, drill, olive oil, garlic, and whatnot.

Provide services

Think guitar lessons, massage, cooking, cleaning and more. Post your services, set your price, reply to requests and meet your customers.


Privacy Policy

At Gezbul, we value your personal privacy. We created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy when you use our mobile and online services. Gezbul pledges it will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that your personal information will be safeguarded.

Information Collection and Use

When you first open an account you provide personal information including but not limited to name, address, current location, telephone, email address, date of birth, sex, a new username and a new password. We use your personal information mainly to deliver Gezbul services to you in the best manner possible. We use some of this information to identify listings within your reach and match to your preferences. We also use your personal information to reach you or to respond to your requests if needed.

Gezbul is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed during the information collection. We may disclose your personal information to legal authorities only if needed officially.

Security of your Personal Information

Gezbul protects your personal information from unauthorized access. All our servers are state of the art, password protected and limited in access. Our data storage is protected by industry standard security keys and encryption. We use Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption when collecting or transferring sensitive data.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small string of text that a web site sends to your browser. Cookies are used to store and save any preferences that you set up while browsing a web site. Cookies basically personalize your visits to websites. A cookie can't retrieve any data from your computer or spread computer viruses. You should refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about erasing cookies from your computer, block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored if you wish to. Gezbul makes use of cookies to give users a better experience on our website. No critical information is stored in Gezbul cookies.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, please contact us.


Prohibited Goods & Services

Gezbul users must comply with all applicable local laws. All illegal items and services are prohibited on Gezbul. Below is a list of prohibited items. This list is not exhaustive and is meant to serve as an example of prohibited items.


Personal Safety

We don't have any means to provide background checks of our users. We also do not have any means to control how users meet. For these reasons, all users must take every precaution they can to protect themselves when meeting other users. Think about your safety first. Please consider these simple precautions when meeting a user:



Take, Buy or Borrow nearby items and services.

Take free items from other users

Don't be shy, people are resourceful and there are lots of things your neighbors are giving away. Browse thru to find something you can get for free. Look for clothes, books, furniture, magazines and more.

Buy things

Browse thru local postings of other users. Choose an item and meet with the person, pay and finalize the exchange.

Borrow from other users

Think a surfboard, a bicycle, a drill, a tool set, a chainsaw, a lawnmower and more.

Browse available services

Think guitar lessons, massage, cooking, cleaning and more.


Terms & Conditions

Gezbul, Gezbul.com, Gezbul mobile applications and any of its affiliates or related websites, provides features and services that are subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. Please read them carefully. By visiting, using, or making a purchase through Gezbul, you accept these Terms and Conditions.


All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, images, data, and software, is the property of Gezbul or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Gezbul and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on this site is the property of Gezbul or its software suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.

Mobile Access

You must be 18 years old to use Gezbul App. Gezbul grants you limited access to make personal use of Gezbul mobile application solely for exchange of items. This app or any portion of this app may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied or otherwise exploited for any other commercial purpose or for other personal use. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission granted by Gezbul.

Web Site Access

You must be 18 years old to use Gezbul website. Gezbul grants you limited access to make personal use of this site solely for exchange of items. This web site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied or otherwise exploited for any other commercial purpose or for other personal use. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission granted by Gezbul.

Electronic & Interactive Content

Gezbul offers, among other features, an interactive way for customers to post items, services, reviews, photos, comments, and other content as long as the content is not illegal in any way, threatening, abusive, and/or obscene. Each time you post interactive content your electronic credentials such as your IP address and geolocation are recorded. Gezbul can make use of these electronic credentials as permitted by law. Each time you post content on Gezbul you grant Gezbul permission to use your name and the content on all our mobile apps and web sites, royalty free. By granting permission on content, you also warrant that the content is accurate and it does not violate the Terms and Conditions listed. Gezbul assumes no liability for any content posted by any third parties and has no obligation to verify the accuracy or completeness of any interactive content submitted by any party.

Listings & Descriptions

Each user is responsible for the items and descriptions he/she has posted. Since all postings on Gezbul are created by users, Gezbul cannot guarantee that any of this information is accurate. Gezbul assumes no liability for any content posted by any third parties and has no obligation to verify the accuracy or completeness of any interactive content submitted by any party.


Each item posted on Gezbul is either free or sold for a price. The value of the listed item or service is determined by the owner of the item during posting. Gezbul is not responsible for accuracy or validity of pricing of items and services posted by third parties.

Applicable Law

By installing the Gezbul App and/or using Gezbul.com you agree that the laws of the State of Washington will govern any transaction between yourself and Gezbul. Any disputes and conflicts will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington and will be brought before the Courts located in King County, Washington.

Postal Codes & Geolocation

World postal codes and geolocation data library is gathered by GeoNames.org under CC BY 3.0.

* Icons & Symbols

Some icons and some symbols in the Gezbul App and Gezbul.com are generated and distributed by ModernUIIcons.com under CC BY 3.0.


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